The gaming industry

Let us find out what compels gaming sites to lure customers with bonuses and rewards. With online gaming industry booming there are thousands of online gambling sites. Punters are often spoiled for choice with the staggering number. In this immensely competitive market gaming websites must resort to some sort of marketing strategy and tactics to not only attract clientele but also retain them.

Bonuses and rewards

Everybody likes freebies. Tapping on this psychology online gaming sites has adopted a very successful marketing strategy of offering bonuses and rewards to their customers. Clients who might just notice the hoarding but do nothing much about them will definitely want to make the extra buck and sign up for the websites. In fact, several websites have sign-up bonuses which in all honesty are really substantial. These bonuses are for everyone irrespective of their investment. Though this strategy costs money for the website the returns are more than the cost.


Advertising and gaming sites

Gaming sites have to fall back on the age old methods of advertising to encourage new customers to sign up. Advertising is a costly affair and these companies must allocate a substantial budget for it. In areas where gambling is legal, companies often sponsor events, support teams and even have hoarding to increase their exposure. While these are sure shot ways of getting the attention they are not everyone's cup of tea. Many of the online gambling sites do not have that kind of budget for advertising.

How do bonuses retain customers: Even though large amounts of money shelled out by gaming websites, this scheme of offering bonuses for various reasons ensures that the customers keep betting and gambling. For example, the steady stream of loyal customers who keep spending to earn more will accrue additional bonuses and rewards. The manner in which a gambling site offers extra value for its customer varies between sites.

The different types of bonuses

Before you decide on which gambling site you want to sign up with it is a good idea to know more about the different types of bonuses generally given away by gaming sites. We have just touched on the main bonuses, there may be several other perks offered by individual sites more suited to their type of betting or gambling and based on the client.

Sign up Bonus: As the name suggests, this is a bonus offered by a site to welcome a customer. The sign-up bonus has become an industry standard and pretty much every gambling site offers it to its new customers. This bonus is given to you once you have made an initial deposit. Everyone who makes a deposit will get this benefit; how much and what percentage will depend on the amount of deposit. The catch with the bonus is that you must claim it within a stipulated period and only once; again this feature is purely determined by individual websites. There are few sites that offer bonuses without a deposit. The bonus obviously will be minimal but you can use it to try your hand at betting without losing too much money.

Reload Bonus: These bonuses are offered when you deposit for the second or third time or any subsequent deposit after the first time. The reload bonus is based on individual criteria that a gaming site has. There are daily, weekly and monthly reload bonuses.

Loyalty bonus: Loyalty comes with its own rewards. Several gambling sites offer bonuses, promotions and several other perks to their loyal customers. These rewards typically constitute cash, tickets to concerts or any sporting events, coupons for a spa and even discounts on electronic goods.

Final thoughts: Bonuses are beneficial for the gaming websites because they attract new customers and also ensure that they stay loyal. If you want to reap the hay when the sun shines be wise and gamble prudently.


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